Mimaki CG60 SR-III Vinyl Cutter and Cutting Plotter

  • Store pickup only! Price; $979
Description: The Mimaki CG60-SR III is a Vinyl Cutter and Cutting Plotter that's perfect for your business. With 500g cutting pressure, you'll be able to cut more materials with sharper results. It has the highest curve-cutting speed, which means you can do more work in less time, and it also includes a fast and reliable roll feeder. We want to help you grow your business and we can do it by automating your workflow with Mimaki products.
  • Store pickup only! Price; $1495 $979
  • 3 Years warranty by Mimaki USA
  • Wider Roll cutting format for professional use
  • Stunning value & highly competitive performance
  • Different cutting widths are available (606/1070/1370mm)
  • Higher curve-cutting speed, faster production of complicated cutting tasks
  • Mimaki's first machine to be compatible with Ethernet connection for LAN use
  • Fast and accurate contour cutting
  • Best-in-class cutting pressure of up to 500g
  • Half-cut function holds the image in place after cutting for perfect stickers and decals
  • Over-cut function
  • Optional media baskets are available
  • Professional & user-friendly software package included as standard
  • Best-in-class cutting pressure of 500g for a wider range of materials
  • High-quality prints are made available by advanced technology
  • Event Notification function for remote monitoring
  • Plot start/end, error/warning message
  • Up to 2 times the curve cutting speed increases productivity
  • Continuous Crop Mark Detection for precise stickers and seals.
  • Upgrade of firmware can be done quickly and easily by the user.
  • Ethernet connection for LAN use as well as USB2.0 and RS-232C
  • Remote Monitoring