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Aviva Wholesale Inc. has been a family run and operated business for since 2000. We have been distributing and manufacturing quality textile goods from over 10 plants domestically and globally. We have been sourcing goods from overseas and had formed some great relationships with several factories from around the world including, Pakistan, China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt and others. We have good connections with some factories overseas which allows Aviva the ability for product development and control of manufacturing so we can provide the best product and prices for our customer.

Aviva Wholesale is dedicated to exceptional integrity, reliability, quality of product, and service. We realize that the markets for Textiles are ever changing and we are continually searching around the world for the best Cotton.  We travel the world so we can provide the best product sources at the most competitive prices to meet our customer needs on time. Our work team motivation is based on effectiveness, which is directly linked to the interest that the group has on the company development project. Aviva’s outcome is clear at working towards a specific goal enhances team effectiveness significantly. We offer products and services represent value for a specific customer segment. Our way is to competitors work harder than before and achieves best prices and best quality. Most of all we provide experience. Experience from being in business for more than ten years. We understand brands and their positioning, we also understand business. That is why we continue to offer our customers a wealth of knowledge from past experience and our forward thinking. We aim to make suggestions, research, give examples, create and help our customers do the best by their own brand. We ensure all of our staff, whether they work in the warehouse or the retail store is passionate and innovative people so that we can continue to strive for complete customer satisfaction.

A heritage of hard work, integrity, and gratitude has clearly demonstrated that these character traits are Aviva’s path to long-term success. We believe that the best way to ensure profitability is by putting people and principals first and foremost. We look forward to serving our current and potential clients with warmth and service that is unparalleled in the textile industry. The company Produces high quality products and uses quality control system at all stages of production. We aim to keep our commitment to quality, value, service, innovation and trust.

Our production line also contains wholesale and retail of baseball caps. We have partnership with factory in Qingdao, China which we supply our merchandise from. We also had been serving the Wholesale Community since 2000. We have flea marketers, eBay sellers, e-commerce stores, dollar store retailers, convenience stores, gift shops, military surplus store and even private individuals as members.

Our goal is to ensure the right product arrives at the right time at the right price. We aim to ensure that we will be able to develop a solution specifically targeted to our client’s business objectives. We achieve this be a creative exchange of ideas serving as a consultant, rather than an order taker. Aviva Wholesale continues to be committed to successful delivery of products from inception to completion, tailored to each individual customer’s specific needs. This commitment is demonstrated in the range and quality of the products we have been providing to customers for the past ten years.


If you are in need of wholesale items such as T-Shirts, Caps, Socks stuff like that , this is the place for you. they have everything you need for a small business. Super friendly service too.

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I do much wholesale purchasing, this is one of my favorite places in Houston to go to.  Everybody that works there is really friendly and treats my husband and I like family.  They have a great selection and they're prices are extremelly reasonable.

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