Heat Pressing Transfer Pillow

August 17 2020 – Ada Alushi

Heat Pressing Transfer Pillow
Heat Pressing Transfer Pillow

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 4 different sizes heat press pillow: 15 x 12inch, 10 x 10inch, 5 x 5inch, 5 x 15inch. 

Easy to Use: Transfer heating mats can provide a smooth surface for perfect ironing transfer. Shields your work surface from damaging heat and moisture.

Eliminates the Indentations: Pillows raise up the garment and evenly distribute pressure for HTV onto buttons, zippers, thick seams, and mesh. 

Practical Tools: The heat press mat perfect for Cricut Easypress, heat press and vinyl projects, it can well protect your working surface and help you get the smooth beautiful pattern transfer on clothing easily.

Universal Size: suitable size ideal for smaller projects like baby clothes, accessories, hats, and more.

Material: Made of non-stick Teflon and fire resistance foam, waterproof, reusable, and heat resistant, good quality for you use for a long time.